Our Story

Why Key Locos?

Key Locos is all about being different and that starts with the name. I was tired of every other company calling themselves “123 Locations”, “XYZ Locations”, etc. so I shorted this to “Locos”, simply to be different. Locos actually translates to ‘a place or a location’. And yes, we all know it also translates to ‘crazy’, but you have to be a little crazy to be in this business.

Why be different?

It’s simple really. I was shocked at the lack of service from others in this industry, the tricks and sales techniques that they used, and I was determined to be different. I have been service oriented my whole life and focused on providing excellent customer service. I start with trying to help people first and I don’t worry about ‘what’s in it for me’. We strive to build personal relationships with our clients and work with them on a personal level.

What does Key Locos believe in?

To me, it’s all about doing “good business”. I find if you are honest with people and ‘shoot them straight’, people will respect you and will actually want to work with you.

Our Team

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Jason Jones, president

mobile #818-292-5339

Jason has established himself as one of the most influential filming brokers in the business.

Jason has streamlined filming in LA by creating a system to seamlessly broker film shoots on-location at both commercial and residential properties throughout the TMZ.

Jason’s been on the leading edge of this industry for 12+ years, constantly improving and driving to make every customer happy.

Solid track record of high-customer satisfaction and return business and referrals.

His core values are honesty, integrity, and leadership by example.

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Catrina Quanstrom, account manager

mobile #626-419-1831

As a SoCal native her whole life, Catrina has in-depth knowledge of surrounding areas.

Combining her real estate & hospitality background she has proven herself to be a go-getter and self-starter in all facets of her life.

With years of experience in sales and client satisfaction she excels doing whatever she can to create a lifelong relationship with everyone she encounters.

She has executed small scale events to large scale events along with several types of filming and is eager to help find the perfect location for your creative vision.

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Mandy Jones, office manager

mobile #805-444-4289

Mandy comes to Key Locos from a decade tenure with the insurance industry.

Her sales background has afforded her a great understanding of her client’s needs from both sides of the table.

Keeping the office and ongoing contracts organized is a passion for Mandy.

With all the moving parts of a production she provides confidence and efficiency from beginning to end.

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Rachele Pedraza, manager of operations

mobile #661-487-4219

Rachele has a background in event coordination and production.

She worked in interior design alongside contractors and architects, able to envision a space's potential.

She has served as a production/operations manager and project manager for various businesses.

Experience in both sales and buying have provided her with strong cost negotiation skills.

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Chakameh Mallah Zadeh, junior assistant production coordinator

mobile #818-351-6891

Chakameh is a recent graduate with a degree in film and business (Marketing and Management).

She has a production background and experience with both creative and managerial roles.

Her passion is constantly learning and striving for excellence.